Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kindness and Caring

Each month at Tyler's school there is a CORE VALUE word that the student's learn about and try to exhibit.  During February the core value was Kindness and Caring.  Tyler had been trying pretty hard to earn an award and he tried really hard to be kind and to care.  Really hard.  He was excited to earn the charm for his necklace and get to have lunch with the principal.
The word for the month of March is CITIZENSHIP.  The kids can barely say it, so I hope they can figure out how to be good citizens.
 The kids were given a Bulldog magnet for their parents to put on their car.  Luckily it just says the school's name and doesn't brag about my kid being better than your kid. 
This is just a cute picture of Ian, Tyler, and Eathen.  Buddies from Mrs. Fritts class.

Hopefully Tyler will always remain kind and have a caring heart.  It's one of the things I adore most about that kid.

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