Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Valentine Treats

Pinterest has ruined changed my life.  There were so many cute ideas and printables for Valentines Day notes.  The kids chose the designs they liked best and we printed them and made some really fun Valentines.    Having a son and a daughter means they both want different things.  Surprise!  Lucy chose the "You Rock Valentine" printable for the boys and the "I'm Bursting With Happiness You're My Friend" for the girls.  I had seen the "Extra" one on the site as well, but then I couldn't find the pin again.  I had to make one on my own.  It wasn't hard to make, thank goodness. 
Lucy's Valentine Choices
Tyler also wanted the Pop Rocks Valentines and the Extra Valentines for his teacher, but for the girls he wanted something a little less pink and friendly.  He thought the "Fish In The Sea" print out was very plain and didn't send the wrong message to any of the girls.  Silly kid.
Tyler's Valentine Choices
The clear goody bags were purchased at Target.  There are 50 to a pack for the smaller bags.  The Valentines were printed on cardstock and hand cut.  Then we just stuffed the bags with Pop Rocks, Starburst, or Swedish Fish and stapled the cardstock to the bag.  They were fairly easy and turned out pretty cute.  However, I do believe that we've set a standard for ourselves and will have to continue this year after year.  No more store bought Sponge Bob or iCarly Valentines for us.

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