Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tahoe City...Here We Come!

This year Zach's parents rented a cabin in Tahoe City (one of our favorite places!) for the week after Christmas.  We were able to stay until New Year's Day!  So, we got ready to set off on another road trip!  The kids had gotten gift cards to Old Navy for Christmas, so we spent them on some clothes, one of the items being these techno hoodies.  You can plug an iPod into the pocket and listen to music through headphones in the hood.  Greatest thing EVER!

When we arrived at the house/cabin the Carr family was off at a ski lesson so we explored while we waited for them to come home.  We found the COOLEST tree swing that made you feel like you were swinging over the lake.  It was scary and exhilirating at the same time.
The house had a family room with games and a TV and many places to sit.  Who knows why the floor was a favorite spot?!  This was a good place for the whole family to hang out and relax after dinner.  Well, that room and the hot tub!

Lucy was excited to show off her Christmas present of matching pajamas for her and her doll.

The sleeping arrangements for the kids would have been great...if Tyler and Lucy hadn't been scared of sleeping on the other side of the house.  We arranged and rearranged and ended up with kids in our bed still.  But, in this picture it looks like they are all sleeping well.
On the second day in Tahoe we decided to try and have the kids take a ski lesson.  There wasn't ANY snow in Tahoe.  We chose Homewood (Zach's new favorite) and they had a small hill for learning, but it was pitiful looking at the ski resort without any snow.  The kids were not pitiful looking at all, though.  They looked AWESOME!
 I never miss an opportunity to take a family photo :)
 Lucy...the snow bunny
 Tyler is pretty hard core!
  We took the Carr Family to Commons Beach (another of our favorite spots) and the boys took the kayaks out on the lake.  The kids had fun throwing rocks and making splashes.  It was a gorgeous day.

 And here's another family shot!
 On New Years Eve we made some cocktails and watched the Eastern time zone fireworks and ball dropping.  The kids had fun going wild, but from the looks of this picture the adults weren't that excited about a new year?
 This has to be one of my favorite pictures of ALL time.
 Our family was leaving the next day, but we took one last chance to enjoy the Tahoe outdoors.  It was another gorgeous day and we find a trail off the beaten path.  A little too off, though, because we saw bear poop. :/

 Tyler is the kind of the hill!
 Our little gang
 She's a stinker
  Grandpa and his grandkids

 We look like we're posing for a picture here, but we're actual huddling together and hiding from a bear.  No, really...

If there's any way to start a New Year, waking up in Tahoe is probably a pretty good way.  Here's to 2012!

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