Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It Hasn't Been 5 Years, Has It?!

Oh, Lucy, we are going to cherish this last day before you turn the B-I-G 5.  For years and years you've acted older than your age, sassier than a teenager, and been smarter than the average Goose.  But, the day has finally come where we need to accept that you actually are growing up and becoming a big girl.  Your birthday falls on a Saturday and that's when the big party is occuring, so we took Friday to celebrate you family style.  We had a couple of presents for you to enjoy and then a family dinner to attend.

In this photo Lucy is wearing the flower girl dress that I wore in the wedding when my Dad married Rebecca.  That's a pretty old dress!

This year Lucy is into her "American" doll and her one request was an outfit (not pajamas this time) that her doll could wear and a matching one for her.  She's pretty excited about her gift.
 And with every new dress you need new shoes, right?!
 Lucy wanted to wear her new ensemble to dinner at Benihana.  She looks pretty grown up...with the bangs and fancy dress.  Where did my little girl go?!

 The kids love Benihana and we seem to eat there for quite a few family birthday dinners.  It might be the free ice cream and Buddha glass...or the onion volcano. 

Lucy doesn't like me to sing this (because of the words...not my voice!), but there is a Taylor Swift song that fits my mood on this momentous day.  "Oh darling, don't you ever grow up.  Never grow up.  Won't you stay so little?  Oh darling, don't you ever grow up..."

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