Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Light the Night With the Animals at the Folsom Zoo

We tried to make some new traditions this year and one of them was attending an event at the Folsom Zoo.  They had lights on all of the animal cages and lit up the whole zoo in all the Christmas color.  It was fantastically beautiful.  This is something we'll have to add to the list to do again...and again.
 Anna, Aria, Matea, Tyler, Joey and Lucy
 Matea, Lucy's bottom, Tyler, Aria, and Joey
 Since it's Christmas time they let the bears out of the cage...Santa Paws!

 Luckily Santa Paws didn't go after Santa Clause!  He was hanging out over by the wild animals...not the kids, but real life wild animals...and handing out candy canes.

 Here is a view of some of the decorations at the zoo.  It really looked amazing and beautiful.  It's nice to think the animals get to enjoy a little bit of holiday cheer as well. 
The Folsom Zoo also has a tiny steam engine, so to cap off the evening we decided to climb aboard the choo-choo train.  The kids were pretty excited for the thrill ride!  Not really, but with the chilly air in your face you can pretend that you're on quite the coaster!

 Matea was loving it!
Next year we look forward to attending the Folsom Zoo event!  At the rate I'm updating this blog, though, that's not too far away. :)

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