Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleepover Galore!

Sleepovers are a relatively new thing to this family.  We've had the cousins stay over when it was needed, but up to this point we hadn't had a friend stay the night.  Well, the time finally came and Tyler's buddy Lucas spent the night.  They had on matching pajamas...and matching craziness, apparently.  They overindulged in video games and underindulged in sleep, but a good time was had by all.  Except maybe Lucy...
 Later in the month we had Joey and Anna come over to hang out with us because Auntie Michelle was on bed rest.  Baby Charlie was giving her a rough time and she needed a break!  The kids all wanted to be together, and since I wasn't giving up my bed, we set up Tyler's room to accomodate all of them.  Anna and Lucy cuddled up on some bean bags and the boys had the bed.  It took awhile to get four kids to sleep, but eventually it happened.  It didn't really stay that way for long...but for a moment it happened.
It was a good thing they stayed too, because the phone rang the next morning and we found out that Baby Charlie decided to be born!  This calls for a celebration...but maybe not another sleepover...

*As an addition to this post I'd like to show a picture of my sweet nephew that was born - Charles Lorenzo. Love him!

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