Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  This holiday is one of the favorites in our family.  The tradition and the decorations and the love and reason for the season make it so important to our family.  Everyone loves to pick out and give the perfect gift to each family member.  Mom loves the matching pajamas.  Dad loves the breakfast.  The kids love Santa.  He's WAY more favored in our house than Mom or Dad...

This year Tyler received the coveted Nintendo 3DS.  He couldn't have been happier.  Well, he could have been...but Santa didn't buy him a TV for his room.  Good...he must have gotten the letter that Mom and Dad sent.
 This year Santa changed things up and instead of putting the gifts in front of the tree (which worried the kids for a second) he put them near the stockings.  At first Lucy didn't even notice the baby doll bicycle that she had asked (no...begged) for.  She walked right past and went for the stocking.
 But, once she saw the bike she was quite happy!
 So happy, in fact, that she did a cute little happy dance.
 It just wouldn't be right if the kids didn't have coordinating pajamas!
 And coordinating Angry Birds hats!  We had gone to San Francisco at the end of November and the kids kept seeing these hats at the street vendors and they wanted one.  We had talked about buying them for the kids, but then it started to rain for the duration and we never got down to buy one.  Luckily, Dad had a chance to work in the City before Christmas and he picked up a couple.  The kids loved them! 
 The kids were finally able to give the gifts that they bought at the Kris Kringle event at school.  They did a great job and felt so proud of themselves.
 They were appreciative of what the other person had picked out for them.  And they actually showed it lovingly!
 Lucy really had a great time with her new doll and it's bed.  She received new pajamas and just HAD to put them on too.
 Our normal Christmas Day routine would have been to head to Grandma Donna's house for dinner, but with her absence this year we had everyone come to our house.  My mom and sister's family came, as well and Dad and Rebecca...and their four dogs.  It was quite a group!  And maybe a new tradition in the works?
Well, the Guthmiller family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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