Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Colorful Surprise

Pinterest has made me a better, more creative, and crazier mom.  There are so many fantastic ideas on there to fill the time I don't have, cook elaborate meals, and make a party look pretty spectacular with someone else's ideas.  This cake was one of those items.  I was searching on Pinterest to find ideas for Lucy's dress up party and I found this cake.  It was something that had to be made.  More for me than for Lucy.  Because, let me tell you why.  Rainbows are awesome.  Cake is good...especially one this big. And with a birthday coming up we needed a cake anyways, right? 

I couldn't really find directions on how to make the cake, so I kind of just went with what I thought would work.  I bought two cake mixes...white cake and a strawberry cake.  I thought that the pink cake would help to make the red, pink, orange, and purple layers.  I divided the cake batter into fourths and added food coloring until I got the desired color.  I put them into a round cake pan.  Mine were kind of big and I probably should have used a smaller diameter pan.  With the white cake I made the yellow, green, and two different shades of blue.  Next time I might make only six layers and then each would be thicker.  I baked them according to the directions, but shaved off a few minutes of the baking time.

 Once everything was cooled I set the purple layer on a plate and put some vanilla frosting on top and then layered the dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and then red with the frosting between each layer.  This cake has a ton of frosting (if you so choose), but it kind of has to.  And if you're making a cake this decadent in the first place it's probably going to be quite sweet.  Just like the little girl I made it for.

Once I got it stacked (not straight) we added pink!  Lots of pink frosting (a can and a half).  I've seen a lot of designs for the outside that were cute, but this was the easiest at this point. I bought some Skittles and made a rainbow five and a little rainbow.  I also put Skittles around the bottom of the cake.
 I wanted the cake to be spectacular.  Really badly.  When we cut it open there were lots of oohs and aahs and even I was amazed.  The colors were very vivid and it actually looked like a rainbow.  People even said it tasted good!
Happy Birthday Magoo!  This was a milestone birthday, but I'd make you this again any day of the week.  And not just because I love cake.  But because I love you.

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