Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tumble Time Show

Once a year Tumble Time puts on a show for the parents and kids. In all the years that we've gone to Tumble Time we have never participated in one of these, so we weren't really sure what to expect. And we forgot the camera! We couldn't go on the night that Lucy's normal class performed, so we joined another class and rushed in at the last minute. Lucy was a little nervous at first, but she warmed up and started dancing to the song and practicing her "ta-da!" moves. She was really cute...even if her underwear were hanging out of her leotard. Well, that was cute too. Especially when she reached up to pick them out. It was reminiscent of her mom at the same age...
Grandma Karla, Grandma Barbara, Grandpa Gary, Daddy, Mommy, and Tyler were in attendance at the show. After the kids did a group dance and song they broke up into groups and showed us some floor moves and some trampoline action. It was neat that Lucy could showcase her gymnastic skills. Mommy goes to class with her every week, but everyone else was surprised at her skill. She's going to be a great gymnast for sure!
At the end of the show they gave each kid an award and had them stand on the podium. Zach used his camera phone to take a picture of her on the podium and then we snapped a few pictures of her at home with her award. She's an award winning gymnast!

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