Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucy's Soccer Clinic

Lucy is SO into doing everything her big brother does, so we decided to sign her up for a soccer clinic for three year olds. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but she had fun for the most part. Especially since her best friend Matea was there with her.
Here are the two beautiful girls getting ready for some soccer!
Look how cute these two are...
Giving the coaches some high fives
Lucy did so well dribbling the ball...until I told her to use her other foot to guide it back and the coach told her to use just the one foot. She got so nervous and upset and started to cry. It made me feel so bad! It's really hard to see your children have insecurities.
Here she is after being upset. It broke my heart to see her cry.Go team of three year olds! Whoo-hoo!
Lucy did well dribbling, shooting the ball, and then being a goalie. In the future she will do really well at soccer...but maybe in a few years she will enjoy it more and not cry. I've promised to be her coach when she's in pee wee soccer, so hopefully that will help. Or not...

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