Thursday, July 15, 2010


Happy 4th of July!
Every year we watch the Cameron Park Fireworks Spectacular (thier name...not mine) with some friends at their parent's house. It's prime seating and the show is so good! We really enjoy going every year. This would be the first year that Lucy actually stayed awake to see the show, so she was excited! The kids kept running around asking, "How much longer? How much longer?" Zach caught them in a moment of excitement...
And here I think Zach caught of moment of adoration...This is our view of Cameron Park Lake from our cheap seats. Pretty good if you ask me!

Happy Birthday America!
Since Lucy always falls asleep she was pretty impressed by this display. She kept saying over and over again how much she loved these fireworks. And Tyler thought they were in 3-D. Overall, everyone was pretty impressed!

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