Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time to Tumble

Lucy has been going to Tumble Time for gymnastics for 7 months (this go 'round) and she really loves to tumble. We finally took the camera to her class to capture her in action...and her brother. Apparently, he likes to play on the equipment when he thinks nobody is looking.
Here is Lucy bouncing on the big trampoline
Apart...together...apart...together Here is a BIG jump from Lucy
Don't know what happened here. Maybe a seat drop and she didn't get back up. Check out the pouty face...
Swinging into the foam pit
Time to tumble!
She was very determined to knock those blocks over!
Lucy is really doing well at gymnastics. The teacher said she could move up to the class with 4 year olds if we wanted her to. She seems to enjoy the sport...and the leotards that go along with it!

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