Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping at the Beach

We just got home from our annual beach camping trip. We normally travel with a big group of friends to Dillon's Beach, but this year we had to pick a flatter locale because Jenn was on crutches. We went to Doran's Beach (in Bodega Bay) and had a fabulous time. The ocean was RIGHT THERE and we didn't have to hike over dunes. The weather was beautiful and the company was amazing.

Right across from our campsite was this clearing of trees perfect for children to hide in. It was their secret spot. These four are best friends for life.
Tyler, Lucy, Aria and Matea

When we arrived at the beach the kids were excited to find that someone had dug a huge hole for them to jump into and get completely filthy in. Someone had done a lot of work digging that hole and our kids took full advantage of playing in it. This was probably one of the only times Tyler wasn't running like a banshee on the trip
They had a good time running from the wavesLast time Matea was at the ocean with her family she had a little "incident" with getting taken out by a wave, so this time she just preferred sitting on the beach and playing in the sand. Once or twice she got brave and headed towards the water to run from the waves, but she was never actually that close. Besides, she looks pretty cute right up here anyways. Normally when we camp on the coast we go into town for a day and eat some clam chowder and fish 'n chips. This time we added in a little sightseeing and went to Bodega Head. It had an absolutely gorgeous view. We weren't looking too gorgeous, but the background sure was.
Jenn is crazy...just let that be known. The kids wanted to hike this, so Zach and Jenn took them down there. Crutches?! No worries!

Following tradition we had the fish fry on our last night there. Mat, Sabrina, and Pat caught some fish and crabs and we cooked them up for dinner. We also had some that was purchased at the wharf for backup. Zach had fun deep frying french fries, hot dogs, and fish. The dinner was so yummy!

Even Lucy tried the fish!
You can't end the night without a campfire and s'mores! The kids had a great time and we all really enjoyed ourselves. So much so that we can't wait to go back next year!

And the first thing we did when we got home...BATHE!

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