Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sonbeam Singers


 Our church holds a childrens production twice a year.  It is REALLY cute each time and full of singing and pretty decent acting for young kids.  They open the show with the preschool kids (the Sonbeam Singers) performing a few songs.  A year ago Lucy wanted to do it, but after going to a practice or two she changed her mind.  But, now that she's had a taste of the stage (in her ballet production) and likes to sing (and be a ham) she changed her mind.  So, this year we went through with the production Simon Says and Lucy was a Sonbeam.
 Lucy didn't sing all the words to the songs, but she did do the hand movements.  She would be quite animated at times!

 This is so neat...they put the kids' names on the back of the shirts.  Lucy Guthmiller...right there...
 Lucy performed in 4 different performances.  On Friday night she had her first show and the house was packed...for her.  Grandma Karla and Auntie Michelle, Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Gary, Auntie Kara and Quillan Jo, and Mommy were all in the audience.  She had another show on Saturday afternoon and Tyler came to watch.  On Sunday she performed two times and Tyler and Daddy came to the second show.  They came bearing gifts and Lucy couldn't have been more excited!

 After Friday's performace we had one tuckered out Sonbeam...

I wasn't able to get the whole video off my phone, but here is a snippet of her performance.  Little kids are just too cute.

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