Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Super Star!

In Tyler's class they have a new Super Star each week.  The teacher goes in alphabetical order, so Tyler had to wait a long time to be the super star.  We got his packet of information before the two week spring break, so we had a long time prepare for his special week.  His first task was to color a poster that was all about him.  He was very artistic on his poster and creative with the colors.  Both Mom and Dad helped him color on it as well.  He wasn't really fond of Lucy helping out, though...
Look at my handsome super star!  On Monday he took in his poster and talked to the class "all about him".  On Tuesday Tyler was able to take in an item to share, so he took his Pluto, penguin, and the stuffy he won in Santa Cruz.   
On Wednesday he was taking in a guessing jar.  He wanted to do jelly beans and he wanted to do 100 of them, but his teacher said that was too many.  He took in 52 and then the kids were able to eat them. On Thursday Tyler was able to take in another sharing and he wanted to show off his art...

...and his sister!  It was the cutest thing that he wanted to share Lucy.  The teacher was okay with us taking over the class for a few minutes.  Zach was actually able to attend, and it was a really cute presentation!
Tyler says the funniest thing about his sister at the end of the video.

On Friday Tyler was able to take in a special snack and he chose popcorn with a gummy worm at the bottom of the bag.  He's even creative in his food choices!  At the end of class the teacher gave them a book about being Super Star.  Each child had to draw a picture and say why Tyler was super.  It was the neatest thing!

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