Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  This year things were complicated trying to get together (since we were being busy moms...), so Mom, Michelle, and I decided to have lunch together.  The kids came with me and we met at La Bou.  It was fun to get together and laugh.  The kids had made Grandma a tea cup and saucer that they handpainted.  Michelle and her kids made Grandma a helping hands apron.  It was adorable!  We had Grandma put them on and pose in the cafe.
Outside we took this picture to commemorate the day!  (Just gotta love the iPhone and it's camera that you can turn around to take a self portrait!)
On Mother's Day we didn't have much planned as a family.  Tyler made me toast and oatmeal and Zach left out some flowers and cards, but other than that it was a regular day.  So regular that the kids didn't even stop fighting for the day!  At one point we had to separate them, so Zach took Tyler on a motorocycle ride and I grabbed Lucy and took her to the nail salon.  I figured that if I had to separate the kids I would get something good out of it too!  Lucy and Mommy had pedicures and a chance to relax. 

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