Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Santa at Santoro

For the past two years we have supported the PTA Dine-Out at Caffe Santoro's in December.  Santa and Mrs. Clause arrive on a fire engine and stay awhile to hear what the children want from him on Christmas Eve.  Free hot chocolate and cookies are served to the children...and the adults if they beg.  More often, though, they are choosing something stronger...more get through the lines!

The kids were excited this year and were MORE than ready to tell the big guy their every wish.
 Tyler and Lucas were joined at the cheek!

Lucas and his brothers, Evan and Levi, sat on Santa's lap first.  Then Tyler wanted in on the action with his best bud, so they posed together.  But then, he told Lucas to scram so he could make sure Santa was listening 100% to him when he told him that he wanted Skylanders for Christmas.  Got that's at Target on sale RIGHT NOW.  That's what it sounded like he was saying...
 Lucy has never been a huge fan of Santa Clause, but she is intrigued by Mrs. Clause.  They both have rosy cheeks, so maybe that is the attraction.  Mrs. Clause was happy to pose with her, but she convinced Lucy that she really had no control over granting Christmas wishes and she'd have to tell Santa if she wanted that bike with the baby seat on the back.  It's a good thing she decided he didn't bite...

Eikon Photography took better photos than the ones my phone captured and they were selling them to help the PTA earn more money.  They turned out really cute.  At the end of the evening the kids took a picture with their AWESOME principal Mr. Stewart.  We will definitely support this fundraiser every year.

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