Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christmas in Coloma

Jill had remembered how quaint and fun Christmas in Coloma was when Alex was young, so she wanted to venture out that way and see if it still held the same magic for her.  It might have, but for me it was kind of magically expensive and crowded.  But, we found all the FREE stuff and enjoyed hanging out with our friends.  That's the part that really matters.  Well, maybe not to the people holding the event, but it's what matters to me...

 We found a table where the kids could punch a design into a metal lid.  Then they were turned into ornaments.  Lucy made a pretty L and Tyler made a candle.  We will have to remember the Christmas in Coloma story when we hang them up next year.  And, they were free.  We also made oranges with cloves stuck into them and they smelled really nice.

 The kids were able to take three separate pieces of string and spin them into a thick rope.  Then they were able to keep the rope and carry it around.  Tyler's might have turned into a noose for his sister.  

 We were able to pile into a horse drawn carriage and ride around the event.  This was pretty fun!  We all fit inside the carriage...Jill, Evan, Levi, Bobby, Lucas, Tyler, Lauren, Lucy, Janet, and Jenn.  The horse probably wasn't happy about that, and he let us know by bouncing us around!
This was the whole gang of kids that enjoyed our adventure!  Maybe next year, but probably not...

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