Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christmas Shopping...Kid Style

The PTA holds an event each year that allows the kids to secretly shop for special people in their lives.  Last year, when Tyler was in kindergarten, we weren't able to attend but this year Tyler made sure we were available.  Last year he heard from a friend that you can buy yourself gifts, so I think that was his actual motivation to go.  He had plans to stuff his own stocking!

Luckily, our school is awesome, and they let Lucy shop as well...even though she wasn't a student at the time.  She was excited!  What girl wouldn't be, though?!  The kids were given a blank check (seriously?!) and escorted into the shopping extravaganza.  The kids were going to buy gifts for each other, Mom, Dad, and Grandpa Gary.  They did a great job and got done in record time...and only spent $18 total!
This event was in early December and Lucy, not known for keeping secrets, did a great job at keeping her mouth shut.  Well, she did tell me what she bought Tyler, but she didn't tell Tyler. 

At the end of the event we toured the Scholastic Book Fair and met Santa Clause!  You can't beat that...

We had heard that the gifts in this "store" could be kind of crappy, but the kids did a really good job of what they chose, for the most part.  Zach received a special screwdriver and a safety light for riding his bike.  Grandpa Gary got a pen that said Best Grandpa (or something like that) and a screwdriver-type tool.  Lucy got Tyler a car and he got her this big stuffed animal that she wanted.  I got a pen that said Mom on it and a little knick knack of a girl.  The choices that the kids made showed that they really put some thought and effort into their gift giving...and that's what we're actually celebrating, right?  Well, that and the fact that they only spent $18!!

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