Monday, December 20, 2010

Visiting With Santa

Let this be known...Lucy has never been a fan of Santa Claus. She likes what he brings, but she'd rather Mrs. Claus be the one to come into our house and bring presents. She hasn't even wanted to sit on his lap and flat out refuses. The first year we were able to get away with it because she was one and unable to get away, the next year Mom had to be in the picture, and the year after that we were in Disneyland and both kids refused to sit with the big guy in red. This year Mom was trying to think of various scenarios where photos with Santa could be taken, but Lucy basically let us know that if Mrs. Claus wasn't wasn't happening. So, an event came up where Mrs. Claus would be there. Yahoo! We came...we saw...and we left. Not really, but Lucy wouldn't sit on Mrs. Claus' lap. Tyler did awesome and told Santa what he wanted. Lucy just chatted with Mrs. Claus and needed Grandma to be a buffer.
That following Monday we had the annual fire truck run through our neighborhood. We knew Santa would be there, but we didn't even take the camera down to the park because we didn't think we'd have anything to snap a picture of. But, low and behold, the Mello girls wanted to pose with the big guy so Lucy wanted to as well. Luckily, Zach had his phone on him and we snapped a photo with that camera.
Mrs. Claus was on the fire truck as well, so Lucy stepped up and smiled with her too. Maybe she liked her outfit better than the other one. Who knows with that girl?!
Merry Christmas!

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