Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in a fancy house in Lake Tahoe. We traveled with Zach's parents and his sister's family. The cousins were SO excited to be together for an entire week! Zach and Jenn both worked on Monday, so everyone else headed up before we left and beat the snow storm. Zach and Jenn got stuck behind some semi trucks on Highway 80 and it took a looooong time to arrive in Kings Beach. But, by the time we got there the food was unpacked, the house was explored, and our kids were excited to see us. They gave us a tour and showed us where to put our bags. It was cute to see them so excited. Grandma and Grandpa had picked out some pajamas and slippers for all the grandkids and the requirement was that they had to snuggle when they were wearing them. :) Getting to the house was tricky, but we were so glad to get there before the storm. We woke up on Tuesday morning to a blizzard. The wind was so strong that the snow was coming in sideways and the waves on Lake Tahoe were big enough to be in the ocean. The men couldn't sit still and just HAD to shovel. The kids decided to brave the blizzard and check things out. Even B.B. joined in!
Kara and Ryan brought these neat snowball makers, so the kids had a fun time making snowballs and throwing them at the Dads. Smart invention if you ask me!When we woke up on Wednesday the weather was beautiful! We had blue skies and no snow. Everything was white and crisp. We ventured out on a walk and checked out the lake and a local park. Later that day we took our family pictures out on the dock by the lake.
Since Lucy was so chilly outside we took a few to the warm fireplace! B.B. even got in on the action.We really had such a gorgeous view from our house.
On Thanksgiving day we had beautiful weather again. Zach took advantage of all the new snowfall and went skiing while the rest of us cooked and played. Friday was our last day in Tahoe (due to another incoming storm), so we took the kids sledding at a local sledding hill. It was quite a hike up the bunny slope, but we all had a good time. Even Grandpa!

Barbara wanted her Christmas card to have a picture of everyone in the hot tub, so right before we departed...we stripped down. So, Merry Christmas from the Guthmiller Family!

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