Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Faces to Smile About

This year the grandparents said they wanted pictures of the grandkids. We were able to get together with Quillan and Everleigh and get some pictures taken from Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Gary. We will have to try and do the same for Grandma Karla, but hopefully Matt has a cute one to give her for Christmas.
Here are Tyler and Lucy actually loving on each other. So cute!
Everleigh and Quillan did such a good job! Cutie patooties!
All four are looking at the camera and mostly smiling...success!
Here are some gift tags we got for joining the portrait club. Merry Christmas!

I wouldn't mind getting these pretty faces smiling at me as a gift! Oh wait...I already have them!

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The Devanys said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable!!!