Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lucy's First Day of Preschool

This was a big week for our family. Not only did Tyler turn six and start kindergarten, but Lucy also started school this week. She is now going to Busy Bees and starting in the class that Tyler started in three years ago. She was VERY excited to be a big girl in school now. Tyler starts a little bit earlier than her, so we dropped him off and came home to get her ready for her big day. She needed the rock star treatment...hence the glasses.She looks so excited right here! Lucy has done this walk into the school so many times, but it was always to pick up or drop off Tyler. Today she got to do it all for herself. Backpack and all! After washing her hands she went out and found her friends Samantha and Greyson. She wanted to paint right away, so we will probably get lots of paintings sent home this year. Our little Picasso.
Her next stop was to greet another friend, Gabi, at the Playdoh table. It looks like Lucy will have no problem at school. She already has plenty of friends!When we picked her up from school the teachers told us that she did criss-cross applesauce very well and she was fabulous to have in class. Aw shucks!

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