Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arts Camp

From July 19th to July 23rd the kids and Jenn participated in Arts Camp at Lakehills Church. Tyler was part of the mixed bag K/1 class (along with best buds Lucas and Payton), Jenn was a volunteer shepard for that group of kids, and Lucy participated in the nursery/preschool program for the volunteers children.
The mixed bag class was mainly about doing art projects and making crafts, but for the first hour of each day they learned new genres of the arts. The first day they participated in dance (NOT fun for Tyler), the second day was watercolor, the third day was Spanish, and the fourth day was music. The kids had a really good time for the most part and learned a lot! Along with each different class we also participated in crazy days. There was pajama day, crazy hair day, and crazy sock day. The week was CRAZY hectic, so the only time we snapped some photos were of crazy hair day. Aren't we cute?!

Well, maybe not so much in this one...

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