Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday Buddy Bear Cub! For Tyler's 6th birthday party we decided to do a carnival party and the theme was Super Mario Bros. We had a ping pong in the cup game, knock the cups down, a dart game, ring toss, a bean bag toss, balloon animals, face painting, and a photo booth. We even had hot dogs and cotton candy! It was a really fun party...if I do say so myself.
Here are Tyler, Mommy, and Lucy in Their Super Mario shirts
Here we are having some fun in the photo booth Lucy is displaying the fine face painting skills of Auntie Michelle. She did such a good job painting things from the Super Mario video games.
The kids carried around popcorn bags to collect their candy and silly bands at each game station Tyler and Mommy decided that it would be fun for everyone to wear Mario or Luigi hats and to put fake 'staches on with them. We knew it wouldn't last long, so we dressed everyone and got them in for the picture right away. Even can seem some mustaches in some interesting positions. Aren't they the cutest Italians ever?!
We rented a cotton candy machine to make it seem more like a real carnival. We had NO CLUE what this experience would be like, but it was really neat. Messy...but neat. We have to give BIG thanks to Grandpa Gary for being the cotton candy man. We even made some cotton candy dreams come true...
Uncle Matty was our amazing balloon animal man. Uncle Ryan was a spectacular hot dog hat maker. At the end of the party the kids just started having balloons blown up into straight pieces and they proceeded to hit Jenn. And she's on crutches. So not fair!

Tyler got some really great toys from his friends!
Should we go on Jersey Shore as the new Guidettes?! Check us out.

We hope that Tyler had an amazing time at his birthday party. I think most kids really enjoyed themselves...despite making them dress up with a caterpillar on their lip! The party was full of sugar and full of fun! The only sad part is that Tyler is turning six. Where did my baby go?! Maybe he ran off with the circus...

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