Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow in El Dorado Hills...Again?!

Since we've moved into this house we have had snow three times in four years. That's more than we've had total in all the years we've lived up in the hills. However, Jenn was NOT excited to wake up on December 7th and see this snow. We were trying to leave for our Disneyland trip that morning and this put a bit of a damper on the plans. But, after playing in the snow for an hour and seeing that people had attempted to leave our neighborhood, we decided to head out of town. Especially since it started to snow harder.
This was our backyard at 7 in the morning
Lucy was enjoying herself on this snowy morning!The kids attempted to build a snowman
Even though we weren't totally excited about the snow that morning it was still a rare (though becoming less so) and beautiful thing for our neighborhood.

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