Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh What A Year!
Wasn't January Just Here?!

Lucy Jane Turned Two
And Now She's Almost Three
She Goes to School on Mondays
And Uses the Potty to go Pee Pee.

Tyler James is Five
And Attending School...Pre-K
He's Busy Playing Soccer
And Chasing the Girls Away!

Zach is Having Fun
With All of His Toys
His Newest is a Motorcycle.
Ugh! Boys Will Be Boys.

Jenn Helped Coach the Soccer Team
And Helps in Lucy's School
She's Busy Playing Sports
And Keeping the House That She Helps Rule!

Ten Years of Marriage
Have Quickly Come and Passed
Five of Those Years Spent Chasing Kids
We Hope the Next 15 Go Fast!

This Year We Made New Memories
While Remembering Grandpa Mike
He's Especially Missed During the Holidays
There Will Be No Gravy That We Like!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas
And A New Year So Bright
We Hope Next Year Is Savored
And Doesn't Pass With the Speed of Light!

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