Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Happy Halloween!
Here is my sweet little Tinker Fairy. She wanted to wear the Tinkerbell shoes...that were 2 sizes too big...so we clipped them in the back. The costume turned out really cute. And the not-so-sweet dinosaur. He was into being scary this year! But, really, how can that face be scary?!The whole neighborhood gang (minus Lucy) getting ready to go collect some candy!
Lucy either wanted to be held or ride in the stroller. She was a pretty tired girl! And she wanted to sit and sample the goods.Mom & I

It was a great night! Tyler was a MANIAC! He went to EVERY house in the neighborhood and had to dump his bucket twice to make more room. He was a man on a mission. He even went into the kiddie side of the neighborhood haunted house. He in his prime for trick or treating. I'm glad to say that Lucy is not yet. When that happens I'd better be ready with my running shoes...

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