Monday, November 2, 2009

Disney Princesses On Ice

This past Friday night Brooke and I took our little princesses to Disney on Ice. The girls got all dressed up as their favorite princesses and we took them to dinner and to the show. It was so cute to see their eyes light up as the princesses skated by...and even waved! But, there were parts of the show that freaked the girls out. The witches were NOT their favorite and they didn't like when the princesses "died". They did the show in vignettes and it would play a summary of the movie up to the point where the witch would poison or harm the princess and they would be asleep waiting for a prince and then the show would move on to the next princess. At the end they brought out all the princesses with their princes and showed that they were okay and in love. You know, just how life is. Lucy was so worried about each princess and she would ask where she was. My absolute favorite part of the show was when Maleficent came out in all her glory and Lucy said, "Mom, I want to go home and we will never talk about this again."

Here are Lucy, Aria and Matea...or Belle, Ariel, and Snow White

For some reason Lucy was VERY worried about the Beast being there, so seeing him up close and personal was a good thing for her. She saw that he was okay and turned into a prince. Kind of like her Daddy. Kidding...

Here are the girls enjoying the show

I was trying to get a good picture of Lucy and I and this was the best that I could do

This is making me excited for Disneyland!All of the couples at the end of the their wedding day whites

Lucy had so much fun waving at all the characters. She would get so excited and say, "MOM! They waved at me." And then on the other hand she would get mad if they didn't wave. She IS a princess for sure...

This was such a fun night! Of course I got suckered into spending too much money, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Seeing the magic in the little girls' eyes was worth it. There is another show coming in February and you know we'll be there again. Maybe part of it is just because Mom is a kid at heart too...

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