Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Festival

On October 23rd Busy Bees Preschool had their annual Harvest Festival. The kids showed us around the classroom, sang us a song, and then took us outside to do a ton of activities. It was a fun afternoon for Tyler and his friends. Although, from the looks of the photo below it doesn't look like singing is their favorite thing...

Tyler had this cute mask that he used during his song
Playing the bean bag toss game

Decorating His Pumpkin with Glue and Purple Glitter

Hammering Tees Into a Pumpkin
And Yes, Tyler is Holding His Cookie in His Mouth so He Can Use Two Hands

Tyler and his Best Bud Payton Took a Break For Some Snacks
It Was Cute...They Were Eating in the Playhouse

The kids had a good time and so did the parents. Although at the next little get together I will need to monitor the amount of cookies that Tyler eats. Somehow the little booger ate 3 HUGE sugar cookies in the hour and a half that we were there. Luckily I went back to work and he went to Grandpa's house...

On October 30th they had the kids dress up for school. Lucy wanted in on the action, so we pulled out this cool pig costume from our neighbor Elena. Lucy got to feel like part of the class when they were posing for pictures.

Queen Bees PM Class - Halloween 2009

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