Monday, August 17, 2009

Tyler's Birthday Party

We celebrated Tyler's 5th birthday on August 15th (he called party day his real birthday). We invited EVERYONE and had a big water bash in the backyard. Tyler wanted a pinata (check), a slip 'n slide (check), and Ice Age 3 as a theme (check). I hope that he had a great day!
Lucy, Noah, Kyah, Quillan and Tyler Here comes trouble! Aden, Tyler, Lucas, and Noah
Ms. Goosey was enjoying the slip 'n slide
Tyler just HAD to have a pinata at his party. He gave it a good whack!
The whole gang (minus Quillan, Sammy, Hailey, Enrique, and Gabi): (top row) Sawyer, Sophia, Zaccary, Haley, Aria, Tyler, Lucas, and Aden (second row) Bailey, Greyson, Lucy, Kyah, Elena, Noah, and Dylan
Tyler's cake was AWESOME! Happy 5th Birthday Tyler!
Huggin' Cousins
My friend Bethany (Auntie Bea's Bakery) made Tyler's adorable cake and these cookie party favors. Love 'em!
Zach and I found this T-Rex skeleton at Toys 'R Us and, randomly enough, they had one set up at the T-Rex exhibit in Redding...but none for sale. Tyler was VERY disappointed that he couldn't buy wasn't he surprised on his birthday when he got one.
Tyler got a Bumblebee costume from Sophia, Greyson, and Stella. I'm not sure that it was meant to go with a Snow White dress, though.