Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Sleepover

We had our niece/cousin Quillan come over for a sleepover to celebrate her becoming a big sister. We thought it would be fun and make her feel special to have a night with her cousins. The evening began with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Barbara bringing Quillan over to our house and having a pizza dinner with us. The kids then put on these matching outfits from Auntie Judy and came outside for a photo shoot. is really hard to get three (hyper) kids to look at the camera. Tyler chose the wall as the backdrop, so we took a few cute photos of Tyler, Quillan, and Lucy.
Quillan was practicing her sisterly love on Lucy Jane
Tyler and Quillan really do have fun together
This was fun...they all ran down the hill together holding hands
(I won't post the picture where they all ate it!)
After the bath to wash off the grass stains, we pushed the couches together and got the kids ready for movie time. The original plan was to have the kids watch a movie, eat some popcorn, and then fall asleep on the couches so they could all sleep together. Um, even in an ideal world this might not have worked. The kids had fun watching Land Before Time, eating their popcorn, and being REALLY silly.

This was our "family" picture for the night

After the movie and the popcorn and the repeated attempts at bedtime we ended up putting Lucy to bed in her room and Tyler and Quillan to bed in Tyler's room. That worked for half the night, but then Quillan and Lucy ended up in our room. And I ended up on the floor! Then the kids woke up SUPER early...ready for another day together. Mom made breakfast while the kids played.

At some point the kids got bored with being Tyler, Lucy, and Quillan so they decided to be a T-Rex, Belle the fairy, and a Pig Who Could Fly. I haven't decided which group I like better...

I have always wanted to have three kids. This was a good test to find out what that would be like. As my stepmom used to say, "How does it feel to want?" Um...tiring.

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Kelly DaCosta said...

Cute! Looks like the kids had fun!