Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Zach and I took Tyler's birthday off from work to spend the day with him and make him feel special. He woke up early (just like it was Christmas) and could hardly wait for Daddy and Lucy to wake up. I think he eventually woke them up so he could open his presents. After tearing through those we got dressed and went to get his 5 year old pictures taken. That was an experience...but the pictures turned out cute. Tyler then wanted to have lunch with the grandparents and he picked Chili's because he wanted their mac 'n cheese. It's Kraft...but so be it...he wanted that for lunch. Then he went to Grandpa Gary's house while Mommy & Daddy played softball. He got some special attention and got to watch Hotel for Dogs. I think all in all he had quite a special day.

Happy Birthday Bobo!

She sure does adore her brother

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