Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fireworks Spectacular!

Happy Fourth of July!
Every year we watch fireworks at the Cameron Park Fireworks Spectacular. They put on a really good show and we get to watch from a prime location. Tyler has always really enjoyed the show and couldn't stop asking, "When is it starting Mom?!" Lucy was too young to know what was going on last year, so I was interested to see what her reaction would be. From the first boom to the last (well, with the exception of when he got a neon bracelet) Tyler was enthralled with the show.

Lucy was a bit jumpy when the first fireworks went of, so that's why I had to cover her ears. (You can see Tyler clapping in the background of this picture.) Lucy did stare at the fireworks in awe, though.
Well, until she fell asleep that is!

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