Monday, June 23, 2008

June Pictures

Our June has been so busy! We had our trip to Oregon, Jenn's birthday, Michelle's visit, Father's Day, and 2 birthday parties...and we're not even done with the month yet! Michelle came out the weekend of the 14th and 15th. It was so good to see Joey. He's gotten so big and he sits up and crawls. Tyler just ADORED his cousin and Lucy thought he was funny. Tyler loved patting Joey's head and touching his toes. Lucy just wanted to make sure he didn't take her blanket and she was infatuated with his bottles and pacifier.

Then we celebrated Father's Day! We didn't do anything especially exciting, but the kids worked on their bikes in the garage with Daddy and that was kind of cute. Little Miss Lucy also tried a new hairstyle this month and it made her instantly sassy. Little Miss Sassy Pants is what we have on our hands now! But, pigtails are too cute, so we deal with sass. At Aria's party on the 22nd we put Matea, Bailey, and Lucy in the same monkey shirts and tried to take their picture. Of course we did it at the end of the party and that was a task! But, we got some silly pictures out of it. I guess we should enjoy the a few years they'll be posing for these and asking if they can wear make-up!

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