Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Oregon Dunes Trip

On May 31st we embarked on a journey to Coos Bay, Oregon. We left at 4:45 in the morning, thinking the kids would stay asleep in the car for a few hours...but they SO did not do that. They did fairly well for that long of a drive, though. Lucy just needed her nigh'-nigh' (blanket), some juice, and a few cat naps. Tyler was happy watching his new Land Before Time movie over and over and over again. We arrived safe and sound (finally!)and got settled in the awesome cabin. Seriously...awesome cabin.

We spent our days letting the kids play in the yard (when it wasn't raining) while the guys rode the quads, eating fish and chips (seriously...3 times), visiting beaches, and enjoying being away from "real" life. It was a pretty relaxing trip...if you can call being around 2 grown men with toys, 2 three year olds, and 2 one year olds relaxing. :) Oregon really is a beautiful state and I would love to go back again...but maybe next time I could click my heels three times and just be there. I'm so not good in the car...

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