Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's Start Fresh With 2015

I know that I have a blog that I've neglected (this one) for a couple of years.  I wasn't able to post enough and keep up to date, so I just kind of stopped updating.  Life goes on, right?  I just wasn't telling people about all of our exciting adventures.  In March 2013 I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and my brother in law set up a blog to help me keep people informed with what was going on with me, so that kind of took up my blogging time.  Check it out at if you want to read about that journey.

A lot has happened in the past two years, some of it great, some good, and some not so much.  But we're here and we're surviving and getting through this ordeal as a family.  That's what is important, right?

Here is a little non-cancer update on the Guthmiller Family.  Zach has taken up hunting and spend a lot of time shooting at things to feed the family.  Jenn is the President of the PTA and trying to figure out how to work from home, be a sort-of stay at home mom, and how to let things go and not be in charge all the time.  That is not easy!  Tyler is 10 and in the 4th grade.  He played his first season of tackle football and had a really great time.  He is moving into basketball season next and then baseball.  He loves sports and can spout off any piece of trivia that you want to know...or don't.  Lucy is 7 and just about to turn 8.  She's in the 2nd grade and is the same height as Tyler.  They kind of look like twins.  She did cheerleading for the football this year and really love is.  Gymnastics is still her passion, but she's also giving basketball and softball a try as well.

We were able to take a trip to Disneyland at the beginning of December 2014.  We had a really great time as a family and it was just good for us to be together.  We look forward to many more of those vacations and time spent together as a family.  If we can survive the sibling rivalry!

Here are some updated pictures...that apparently can be seen on the internet once I post them here.  With technology in the schools now Tyler was able to search himself and find his "adorable" (his words) face on the internet.

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karen said...

I love the post and seeing Tyler's (and everyone else's) adorable faces.