Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy New Year!

Our vacation schedule was a little strange this year - technically, the kids first day of vacation was Christmas Eve - and I wasn't able to take much time off to hang with the kids.  So, when we got invited to Six Flags the day after New Years I bribed asked Zach to come with us so we could have one family day.  Bonus, our season passes still worked and the kids were given free passes, so other than the exorbitant cost of food the day was inexpensive.  Can something be inexpensive and priceless at the same time?
Six Flags is jumping on the bandwagon of decorating for the holidays, and it made the park so festive.  Granted, we were there after Christmas, so some of that was anti-climactic, but now we know that next year we can go BEFORE the holidays and it might be magical.  You know, if we can afford it BEFORE Christmas...

 The kids had a really good time riding the rides together. 
 Tyler and Everleigh are buds.  It's cute to see them together.
 Is it sad that so far this year this is the only "snow" we've seen?  That kind of depresses me, but the kids had fun on this "mountain"

 Being the sap that I am, I wanted to make sure we made it to the "tree lighting"...you know, since tree lightings are so exciting.  Not really, but I did want a photo in front of the tree when it was all lit up.  I had to crop and give it a filter becaues the original wasn't cute like I wanted it to be.  I love that you can edit things to make me them look better.
 We were just being goofy.  I like this app Red Stamp that I have on my phone.  You can make cards and I have fun with them.  I make cute collages and then don't send them to anyone.
 My goal for this next year is to make each day a worthwhile one.  Laugh with the kids.  Love big.  Learn something new.  And possibly eat cake.

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