Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movie Time

This family LOVES movies.  We love to go to the theater and gorge ourselves on popcorn, eat the candy, drink so much that we have to hold it until the movie is over, and spend time with our friends and family that love movies just as much as we do!  Sometimes we even do this at home...not just the theater.

It is our tradition with Grandma Karla to go see a movie every year that is our Christmas movie.  This year we picked Alvin and the Chipmunks:  Chipwrecked.  We planned to see it with our Aunt Michelle and cousins Joey and Anna.  But, before we were all able to get together we went to the theater and saw Happy Feet Two.  The first wasn't so great, but the second one was pretty cute.  Even with a little bit of environmental PSA in there.
 We never did see this Arthur Christmas movie, but it looked cute.  The kids wanted to take their picture with this prop.  I don't know why, but it seems like the boys WANTED to be naughty.  Hmmm...
 The kids had fun posting with Alvin, Simon (or should we say Simone), and Theodore
 We were also super excited to see the Muppets.  The kids have NO IDEA who the Muppets are, but they thought it looked like a cute movie.  A lot of the stuff was reminiscent of my childhood and it brought back some memories, and made new ones for the kids.  We went with our bestest friends (and especially bestest movie friends) the Mello Family.  The movie was good, and Tyler even cried a tiny bit at the end.  It touched his heart.  Or maybe he REALLY had to go from drinking his whole drink...
The time finally came where we were able to see the Chipwrecked movie with our family.  Grandma Karla, Aunt Michelle, Joey, Anna, Jenn, Tyler, and Lucy crowded into the theater with our snacks and booster seats.  Yes, Grandma even needed one. :)  The movie was really cute and seemed to hold most everyone's attention.  It was a good pick for our family tradition!

The movies are just so much fun!  The winter season had a ton of kids movies and it was a good chance for me to take the kids to so many...and you know, get my fill of popcorn at the same time.  We look forward to the next chance to go to the movies.  Summer maybe?  Since it will be unbearably hot outside...

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