Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Guthmiller Family!  We spent Thanksgiving Day with Zach's family and then the following day was spent with Jenn's family.  It worked out nicely and we got to have double the food!  I was thankful that Tyler put up with wearing this adorable argyle sweater.  Zach was thankful that he didn't have to wear elastic pants this Thanksgiving.
 I'm totally biased, but these kids are SUPER cute.
 We got an adorable bow from Pinkadot Tots to celebrate the holiday, so Mom wanted to do something cute with Lucy's hair.  Didn't this double French braid turn out cute?  Cute enough that I did my hair like that.  Not really, but the thought crossed my mind...
 Since we all looked so spiffy it was a good chance to take a family picture.  The kids always want to try their hand at photography, so below is Tyler's picture of Lucy and I.
 Some guy named automatic timer snapped this shot.  He's good.  I would hire him again.
 Like Father, Like Son
We had a nice holiday with wonderful people and even better food!  Of course I would say that...I like people, but I LOVE food!

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