Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Festivities

This was our first year to attend the Harvest Festival at Tyler's school. The kids were excited to get dressed up and play lots of games. Mommy wanted to eat some food, but that didn't happen! We arrived first thing and checked everything out. Once it started to get crowded it was time to volunteer in a booth and then go home. The night passed quickly, but everyone had a good time.

Luigi and Dorothy posed outside the school

Tyler played the cake walk and won!

The kids got excited every time they chose a prize for a game. It was like trick or treating two days early! Next year we will remember to bring our trick or treat buckets to collect the goodies.

Sometimes they do actually love each other

On Halloween we hung out with the neighbors (like we always do) and set off for trick or treating. Tyler actually wore his mustache!

And Lucy wore her wig!

Both kids looked so cute! We enjoyed this Halloween season, with the exception of the kids being scared of ghosts and goblins. Let's hope next year we don't encounter any of those!

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