Thursday, November 11, 2010

Field Trip to Zittel Farms

The kids had their second field trip to a local pumpkin patch called Zittel Farms. It was a good experience for the kids to see how pumpkins grow and to learn about animals. It was also a short field trip for the kids (and volunteers) just to get out of the classroom a little bit. Luckily Jill and the twins were able to come along, so Tyler and Mommy got to hang out with their best friends. It was a great day!
The whole class!
Best Friends!
The kids (and me) learned that cows do not have teeth in the front. The cow used his tongue to eat his corn. That cow might just rival a giraffe on long tongues...
The kids and a few parents were able to go on a hayride. Good times!
This little pumpkin holds a special place in my heart
Aw...I got them to sit still for a minute so I could take their picture. Pretty cute boys!
I feel really blessed to be able to take a half a day off work to go on field trips with Tyler and his class. This kind of stuff is why I had kids! I just wish all these pumpkins had yielded a pie of some sort...

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