Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michelle's Baby Shower

We always get so excited when Auntie Shell comes home! This trip we were going to have a baby shower to celebrate Baby Anna's arrival in December. So, Joey and Michelle came to stay and play for about 4 days. We had such a good time!
On September 27th we filled Grandma Karla's house with friends and family and had a GREAT baby shower for Michelle. We ordered some filled cupcakes (that she couldn't wait to eat!) and had some cute cookies made as party favors. Don't these just look delicious?!

This is the Molinari future...a little diva girl

Mommy & Joey...aka the BIG Brother

Mom, Michelle, and Jenn

The shower was so much fun and we ate some really good food. I wish it could have gone on longer...but we had children melting down and a pregnant mommy that needed a nap. The joys of motherhood...

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erin said...

I love your header picture! you should enter that in some kind of photography contest! Also the cupcake stand is too cute!