Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lucy's First Day of "School"

Now that Lucy is old enough to understand that Tyler is heading off to school each day for three hours she has gotten a bit curious about school. I would love to put her in the same school as Tyler, but unfortunately that money tree we planted hasn't produced anything yet! Through a friend of a friend, though, Lucy has been given the opportunity to go to "school" every Monday for two hours with Miss Tracy, Miss Erin, and Miss Allison. Yesterday was her first day...and by the smile on her face during art time I would say she had fun.
Here they were painting with apples and having craft time. Lucy was using green glitter paint. She also got to play with glitter Play-doh, and I would say she's enjoying the extra sparkle in her day.
The kids also do circle time and sing songs, listen to stories, and the best part (according to Tyler) is snack time. I had Lucy go sit in one of the kiddie chairs so I could take her picture on her first day of school. I don't think she had fun at all. :)

Actually, she got sad on Tuesday when I said Tyler was going to school. She asked if she was going and I told her, "Not today." She got a pouty look on her face...

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Grohs Family Blog said...

Love, love, love seeing Lucy in these clothes. Makes my heart happy.