Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swimming Lessons Pay Off!

Tyler knows how to swim! For the past 4 months the kids have been taking swim lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School. It was so expensive to send both kids and you question yourself over and over again and really wonder whether or not it was worth it. And would the local community pool have been sufficient? But, Tyler knows how to swim after 14 lessons and he still has two more to go to become stronger. He LOVES the water now and swims like a fish. Whoo-hoo Bobo Bear!
He just jumps right off the side of the pool and into the shallow end!

Lucy is becoming quite the swimmer too! She has no fear and just jumps right in and has no issue being dunked. She says, "I made you proud Mommy."

Here is a picture of the cousins just being silly. Lucy, Quillan, and Tyler have such a good time together!

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The Devanys said...

YAY for being a swimmer!! Way to go, Tyler!!