Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fairytale Town

We were so excited to have Uncle Matty, Auntie Michelle, and cousin Joey in town to visit. I only remembered my camera on the day that we went to Fairytale Town, so I'm hoping I can steal some pictures from my sister. The kids and I hadn't been to Fairytale Town in awhile and Joey has never been, so we thought it would be some good cousin bonding time.

Tyler and Joey on the Crooked Mile

Tyler, Joey, and Lucy After they Completed the Crooked Mile

Miss Princess Lucy

Joey in the Carriage

Sir Tyler Robin Hood

The Knights of the Art Table

Joey Thoroughly Enjoyed the Dinosaur Popsicle

Tyler and Lucy Took Two Last Trips Around the Crooked Mile (Tyler's Favorite)

We had such a fantastic visit with the Molinari family. We wish that they didn't live in Arizona so that the cousins could have this much fun together all the time. They also enjoyed each other at the spray ground, the yogurt shop, and at Grandma's house. They were so cute together! Joey would say, "Hi Tywer and Hi Locy." It was just adorable!

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Kara and Glen said...

So cute!! How old is Joey now? I thought he was closer in age to Madison. I remember when he was born. Crazy how time flies.