Monday, April 6, 2009

Madness at the Guthmiller House

Some days you never know which Lucy you are going to get - the sweet wonderful Lucy...

Or the feisty Lucy...

The terrible two's have certainly arrived in our house. Between that and whatever f word you want to use for the fours and what comes with's a wonder we get any pictures with smiles in them.
We do have some pretty silly kids, though. Lucy can't go anywhere without ALL 4 of her blankets. She's got a pink one, a yellow one, a blue one, and a different pink one. She asks for each of them individually or all at the same time. She sucks on the corners and they must each have their own flavor, because sometimes she'll "taste" the yellow one and then ask for the blue one. Go figure.

This is how Lucy eats her snacks sometimes. Silly Goose.

Tyler has gotten into athletics lately. He loves soccer, t-ball, and cartwheels. Here is an action shot of him pulling off a pretty good cartwheel. Olympics here we come!

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Kara said...

Whatever F word. HAHAHAHAHAH
Lucy is so dang cute!