Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Trip to Monterey

We thought it would be fun to go to Monterey during Tyler's spring break, so we got in the car and went! Well, not that spontaneous, but just about. The kids were excited to see the beach and play in the sand. Tyler found this cool spot under a restaurant that he could explore (the picture below was taken there). Lucy had fun running from the waves.

On Wednesday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Zach and Jenn hadn't been since they were kids, so it was kind of a new experience for all of us. We explored the whole aquarium in record speed. Tyler would look at something and say, "Next!" It was frustrating, but probably a blessing in the end since it started to get really crowded around noon...and we know how Zach is with crowds. A new exhibit opened up the day before we toured the was all about Seahorses. Pretty cool really. The one pictured below looks just like seaweed.

The kids had fun checking out all the cool stuff. It was a great day!

On Tuesday we had driven to Cannery Row to scope things out and have some dinner. On our way back to the hotel we saw this really cool park and figured we had better check it out. For some reason it was closed on Tuesdays (wouldn't you know?!), so we decided to go there after the Aquarium visit the next day. We got some lunch at McDonald's and found a picnic bench and enjoyed the sunny day. It was a really cool park and we all had fun.

Later that night we decided to check out Fisherman's Wharf for dinner. It was such a cute little place. We found a restaurant with some reasonably priced fish 'n chips and clam chowder (quite the feat in this tourist town!) and enjoyed our seafood. Then we stopped at an ice cream shop and got dessert. We took our cones down to a little beach and enjoyed our last night at the ocean. It was relaxing (and sticky) and fun. We'd like to go back again soon.


Kara said...

That looked really fun! I want to go to Monterey!

thewallings said...

I wish we had something fun like that here!