Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snow in El Dorado Hills!

On Friday the 13th I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and forced the dog to go outside and pee. She wouldn't go alone, so I dragged myself (barefoot) out with her and got rained on. It was freezing and I snuggled back into bed and woke up really late! But, I woke up to this beautiful white goodness...what a shock...

We don't get snow much at our house, so it was fun to watch it fall (pretty heavily) and then get up and go play in the inch or two that we had. Lucy had never really played in the snow before. We had taken her when she was just one, but she didn't really "get" it. She got it this time! Both kids were excited to sled down a hill in our yard, made snow angels, and even tasted the snow. It was a great morning!

The snow only stayed for a few hours, but what a great memory!

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erin said...

That was a fun morning! Glad we could share it with you!