Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lucy Celebrates Two

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy Jane!
For Lucy's birthday we got her a brand new kitchen. Jenn picked the kids up from Grandpa's house and took them to frozen yogurt. All the while, Zach was at home setting up the kitchen so it would be ready to surprise the Goose when we got home. She was so excited to see her present! She ran right in and made some hot dogs, hamburgers, and tea.

Mommy Loves Lucy SO Much!

Zach Got the Cutest Picture EVER of Lucy Sneaking Frosting Off Of Her Cake

The (Sick) Birthday Girl and Her Daddy Sugar

My Little Minnie Mouse at her Party

Lucy's Party Friends!

What a Fancy Party Coat! She Just HAD to Try Everything On

Lucy had a really good time (despite being sick) celebrating her birthday with her family and friends. Even though she did have to share the opening of her presents with her older brother and her cousin. We still can't believe Lucy is two...even though we have the presents and left over cake to prove it.


Glen & Kara said...

Yay for leftover cake. That cake looks great! I want some. :)
My niece got that same kitchen for her 2nd birthday. I L.O.V.E the picture of her sneaking the frosting...SO cute. Poor sick girl. :(

Glen & Kara said...

P.S. I love her dress!

Shazz said...

Happy birthday, Lucy!!!

I LOVE that pic of her sneaking the icing off the cake!! And that kitchen is AWESOME - I'm sure Kira would love it, too, if only we had somewhere to put it...

Sorry Lucy was unwell for her birthday, but it looks like she still managed to have fun. Yay for birthdays!!

thewallings said...

The pictures were so sweet! Clayton was sitting here with me while I was reading and he said, "I see Wucy. Aahhh. I love Wucy." HA! That kitchen is adorable! And I absolutely love the picture of her sneaking cake. How precious!
Your Minnie stuff looks a lot like the Mickey stuff that we used.
Happy Birthday Lucy!